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IgalleryX: Photo Stack Gallery v2

IgalleryX: Photo Stack Gallery v2

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UPDATE 10 October 2010 :

  • Custom script is available to include slide show functionality

UPDATE 11 October 2009 :

  • Item description now has scroller if it’s too long.
  • Back link removed, click on full item to go back to thumbnail mode
  • In the package, there is a Loader.fla which shows you how to load the gallery using Loader object.

UPDATE 7 May 2009 : Fix scroller bug.

UPDATE 5 May 2009 : Fix scroller bug and some internal improvements. You don’t need to install classpath to compile the movie.

Version 2 of my popular IgalleryX, as many of you have requested, this new version now supports SWF and FLV Videos. You also have 4 variations beside the original flow design.

New Features:

  • FLV Support
  • SWF Support
  • 4 Variations
  • Papervison 3D + Actionscript 3
  • Open Source
  • XML Driven
  • Tweener Driven
  • CSS Driven
  • Well commented code
  • Detailed documentaion
  • Light weight

Don’t have Flash CS3 ?

Download free trial at Adobe

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