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Image and Video Slideshow

Image and Video Slideshow

Update: 12/12/2013
Version 2.0 – Fixed a problem related to the Vimeo API reported by the user antonyo121982. Now you can load two or more consecutive Vimeo videos.

Update: 17/09/2013
Version 1.9 – The full screen functionality is now available to the entire slideshow, not just the video mode. I’ve added a full screen button to the top/left part of the application.

Update: 14/01/2012
Version 1.7 – I have implemented a kill feature to unloadAndStop SWF files when a new one is loaded. This feature will make sure all the previous sounds are stopped before the next slide is loaded.

Update: 13/01/2012
Version 1.6 – Fixed a bug related to the Vimeo API.

Update: 4/01/2012
Version 1.5 – Bug fix related to FLV player preview image.

Update: 23/12/2011
Version 1.4 – URL bug fix.

XML SlideShow that supports images and video. Very easy to use and supports a lot of formats. When embedded, the slideshow will stretch to the embedded size (width and height). Is recommended that the images are the same pixel size as the embedded slideshow (images do not stretch).

Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF, FLV, F4V, MP4, YouTube, Vimeo

XML Attributes:
  • type = The type of content that will be loaded
  • src = Video / Image location
  • fade = Fade time (in seconds)
  • delay = How much time should the content be displayed (this will not apply for videos with autoplay set to true)
  • controls = By default is set to false, if it’s set to true, the controls bar will be available for the video files (this dose not apply for Vimeo since they have their standard player).
  • autoplay = By default is set to false, if it’s set to true, the video will play automatically when displayed and will change slide when ended.
  • preview = Preview image for FLV, F4V and MP4 files. In case the video is not set to autoplay, a preview image can be displayed. When this image is clicked, the video will start playing.
  • url = Optional link for the image type content.

Type attributes and supported formats for each:
  • type=”images” – JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF
  • type=”video” – FLV, F4V, MP4
  • type=”youtube” – YouTube Video ID
  • type=”vimeo” – Vimeo Video ID

  • list = XML target
  • controlsVisible = if it’s set to false, the left arrow, right arrow and the slideshow playPause button will not be visible
  • controlsFadeOutTime = Number of seconds until fade out. Countdown from the moment when the mouse stops moving

This is how the XML structure looks like: