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image player, image slider, image viewer

image player, image slider, image viewer

image player v 1.0

1. This is a dynamic image slider or image player.

2. Here the reference for the images are provided from XML.

3. we can use swf files also.

4. no need of changing the code much for MP3 and videos, only the design will change.

5. you can use any number of images.

6. its having video player controls for images.

7. the image sizes used here is 300×200 (wxh).

8. If the image size varies you need to place the objects according to their positions.

9. I have used 4 images for the sample and repeated, but u can put any number of images.

10. the image names are used as tooltips on mouseover of the top navigation.

11. and all other functionality is just like a video player.

12. You can customize the colors as per your requirement as they are all in flash.

13. Developed in AS2 and played in flash player 8 onwards

14. the code is very easy to understand

15. its having an array generated in run time after reading the xml

16. The best thing here is every time one image is loaded, the next image also loaded into the catch which reduces the chance of displaying any image.

I am here to help you in any kind of issues.

Here one problem is the images are not loaded with in the specified sliding time. To solve that we need to load all the images once the application starts with a loader component then we can view all without any interuption…

by adding a code dummy.loadMovie(arri); after line number 77 in code solves the problem

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