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Kamil that’s absolutely awesome. Ty so much!

This makes me happy. Thank you as well.

Great item, nice work :)

Thank you.

Hello great animation… question! I’m trying to import sound using ActionScript, However when I add this code in the actions layer the file doesn’t play anymore. What is the best way to import sound and add play and stop button?

import flash.media.Sound; import flash.net.URLRequest; public var sound:Sound = new Sound(new URLRequest(“sound.mp3”)); sound.play()

Sorry for the delay in reply. If you’re still looking for an answer, hit me up through my profile and I can help you there. Its kind of difficult to follow comments here, to be honest.

Hello, if is it free, where is it?

Sorry about the delay in reply. It was supposed to be on the homepage during the month it was featured as “Free File of the Month”. I’m afraid its not free anymore.

Can be exported, is it avalable in HTML5?


I’m afraid not.

I can have it custom-made for you if you want.

I might as well be building the HTML5 version to put on CodeCanyon but that can take an indefinite period of time.