Infinity Template w/ Deeplinking, Analytics & XML

This template loads in SWF files and creates a highly customizeable, infinite-level, collapsing navigation driven by XML .

Other features of the template include:

unlimited level deeplinking using swfAddress
• nav opens to and displays the correct section even when using the Back button.
customize the nav on/off states, font size and the fonts using external font SWFs.
• choose either a scaling background image or SWF .
• nav links can open nested sections or external pages.
• add and position your own custom logo or swf.
• position main content in the “center” or from a top “left” position.
Google Analytics ready (just add your analytics id)
• footer with social icons and copy. easy to turn on/off
• all data and customizations are XML driven

Please note: Google Analytics do not generate instantly. You may not see your stats (once you’ve set up the file) for up to 24 hours.

Social media icons provided free by: icondock

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