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Integrated Flash Popup (Open HTML, SWF and JPG on your flash page)

Integrated Flash Popup (Open HTML, SWF and JPG on your flash page)

A simple tool to load every kind of web content on your flash page.

You could use this to make a flash internet browser or you could use this for advertisement that can’t be blocked by a popup blocker and looks nice because it is integrated in the page.

It works very simple! Once installed, you only have to call the following function to load the web content on you flash page:

FlashPopup.add(“http://activeden.net”, 400, 400, “middle”, “middle”);

You can define the url, width, height and position of the content.

This products contains two versions:
Flash 8 version, written with AS2
Flash CS3 version, written with AS3

The see more projects of me: WWW.M0L.NL

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