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Interactive First Person Kit

Interactive First Person Kit

Supports Unity 5.

Works with all Unity versions (Free & Pro).

Have you ever wanted to have a fully functional puzzle/horror-style first person controller in Unity for your own project? like many popular indie FPS games (e.g. Amnesia, Slender)! Then this kit is for you.

Interact with world objects; examine them, grab and throw them. Just Drag & drop the “FPS Player” prefab into your scene and you have your player hero ready for the adventure.

First Person Controller Features:

  • Sprint, crouch, jump.
  • Player can take damage when falling down.
  • Footsteps manager, sounds change depending on surface type (concrete, metal, wood, grass).
  • Climb up/down ladders.
  • Flashlight control (with focus).
  • Melee system, with animated hand holding knife included as a bonus.
  • Inventory system to store and view documents
  • Fully customizable subtitle texts when examining objects, and easy to access from the inspector.
  • Camera bob effect when walking, running, crouching, and also a bob effect for the flashlight.
  • Interaction with objects, and pickups (grab, pull objects, or throw them away).
  • Door system (Hold & Drag, interact to open/close).
  • Highlighting property when pointing at objects.
  • Camera Cut property, when focusing on objects.
  • Custom pointers & GUI, everything is customizable from the inspector (health bar, sprint bar, flashlight battery bar).
  • Full Sfx Support (from the inspector).

The Inspector is user-friendly, no programming is required, make any game-object interactive by adding one script to it only.

It comes with basic gameplay mechanics: Door-Key system, battery recharge & health kit pickups, “documents” examining.

Also it includes the “Trigger Box” prefab, which is a simple way to trigger events in your game without any programming like: display a subtitle text, play a background music, sound effect, or an animation clip on a specific object, call a function, load a new scene with saved-content player,...and other options.

Example demo scene is included.