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Interactive Page Flip Magazine

Interactive Page Flip Magazine

The most realistic 3D paper simulation done in Flash!

Quick and easy setup. No programming knowledge required.

Create amazingly realistic 3D interactive magazines, catalogs, brochures, books or newspapers

Need support ?

For any questions please ask in file comments I usually respond within 24 hours.

100% XML driven

No need for Flash tool or programming. You can create your flip book in minutes just by editing the XML. Every part of the template is configured through the XML.

Right to left flip book

Right to left flipbook for eastern countries is also available. To make your book start from right all you need to do is to change a property in the xml

Real 3D

Away3D engine was used to create a realistic real time flip animation. No more fake 2D flipping, now you can list a real 3D book or magazine.

Multiple books

You can have as many books as you want. Each book has it’s own XML so each book can have completely different setup (icons, colors, background, sounds ect.). You can have unlimited number of magazines with only one swf, all you need for creating a new magazine is to make a new xml.

Single book

You can also have a single book and then you will skip the book selection and go straight to your book.

Fully customisable

Everything can be customized from the xml. You can change the background image, UI colors, icons color and size, you can choose which icons will display in the menu and where, change the menu size and padding, info window content, contact form content… The 3D book options that you can change are width, height, tilt angle, paper thickness, cover thickness, page turning speed, zoom, page flip sounds…

View on IPhone & IPad

To view flash on IPhone & IPad download the browser Cloud Browse


Your pages can be static images PNG, JPG, GIF.
Your pages can also be SWF files so you can create a fully interactive and animated book. You can add music players, video players, animations, buttons, external links, links to other pages, animations …
SWF pages are fully supported, swf-s are not converted to bitmaps
Adding pages is easily done in the XML :

<page url="pages/page1.swf" thumbUrl="pages/thumb1.jpg" />
<page url="pages/page2.png" thumbUrl="pages/thumb2.jpg" />

Youtube videos support

Add youtube videos to pages – just by editing the XML – set youtube width, height, position and autoplay

Flv/ mp4 videos support

Add flv or mp4 videos to pages – just by editing the XML – set video width, height, position and autoplay

PDF to 3d page flip

To view your PDF in 3d you can do one of the following :

1) convert PDF to images (using Photoshop or one of many free ‘PDF to image’ tools)
2) convert PDF to swf-s (using SWFTools)
3) make a php script that converts PDF to images on server and generates the xml


30.4.2013. version 4.7

  • more realistic flip animation
  • more realistic page shadows
  • background can be transparrent
  • more options to book selection screen
  • bug fixes with book selection
  • bug fixes in table of content, scrollbar, tooltip position
  • new detail documentation
  • xml changed, now everything is in one xml file instead of each book having its own xml
  • links have new property “window” – they can open in a new window or in same window
  • camera can move with mosue movement – you can set miminum and maximum pan and tilt angles
  • camera can move by click and drag – – you can set miminum and maximum pan and tilt angles
  • all characters are now embedded

15.10.2012. version 4.6

  • add links to pages by editing the xml – link to external url :
    <link url="http://www.google.com" x="1" y="1" width="1" height="1" color="0x000000" alpha="0" mouseOverAlpha=".2"/>/>
    or to a specific page in the magazine (can be used for creating table of content as shown in example 1) :
    <link page="9" x="10" y="500" width="220" height="75" color="0x000000" alpha=".03" mouseOverAlpha=".2"/>
  • fixed print page bug
  • fixed memory issue for large number of pages
  • performance optimization

7.8.2012. version 4.5

  • print pages functoin – print left page, print right page and print all pages
  • background image for book selection – set image url in the xml
  • performance optimization
  • fixed burry pages issue

5.7.2012. version 4.4

  • added option to click and drag while zoomed (default) or the camera follows the mouse movement
  • better zoom – relative to mouse position
  • roll over effect for icons

20.6.2012. version 4.3

  • add flv / mp4 videos to pages from the xml, set video x, y, width, height, autoPlay
  • more options to style the menu – add drop shadow to icons – set drop shadow size, strength, color, distance, inner true/false

19.6.2012. version 4.2

  • added page numbers in table of content
  • bug fixes for right to left mode – youtube was loading on wrong pages
  • set 3d page shadow alpha from the xml
  • view all pages – changed mouse over effect
  • page turn arrows – turn on/off, change colors and alpha from the xml

12.6.2012. version 4.1

  • bug fix for page turning
  • bug fix for right to left mode
  • added 3d page shadow
  • added page preloader – change color from xml
  • better page turn effect

10.6.2012 – version 4.0

If already purchased, re-download to get the latest version.
  • Youtube support – add youtube videos to pages from the xml
  • smart page loading – page loading is paused while page is turning
  • added scrollbar to table of content
  • full vector support fro swf pages – pages are not converted to bitmap anymore
  • better transition from book selection to book
  • book selection is resizable – book covers are repositioned according to stage size
  • book selection background color – change from xml
  • more options to style UI from the xml
  • free camera – book can be rotated in space by click and drag – vertical rotation and horizontal rotaton – can be enabled / disabled from xml
  • 3d page quality – number of polygons per page – pageSegmentsW and pageSegmentsH – can be changed from xml
  • size of click area for turning pages – pageTurnSquareWidth and pageTurnSquareHeight – can be changed from xml
  • 4 types of UI background – plain, gradient, shiny and radial gradiet
  • change shadows alpha from xml – pageShadowAlpha and pageInnerShadowAlpha
  • Right to left support for eastern countries
  • Play background mp3
  • More realistic page turn effect
  • More realistic shadows
  • physics bug fix for landscape mode
  • flashvars path to config xml bug fix
  • added close button for thumbnails
  • new examples and preview
  • better and more realistic shadows
  • multiple books support
  • first page / last page icons
  • turn pages and zoom in/out with arrows
  • UI redesign
  • new icons
  • page turning improoved
  • changed icons and turn arrows
  • set icons color from the xml
  • added page shadow and glow that is generated dynamically over the page material
  • turn effect improved
  • play mp3 on/off from the xml, set mp3 url from the xml
  • new backgrounds added to the package
  • changes in view all pages – thumbnails scroll on mouse move, changed mouse over
  • changes in menu autohide when turning pages
  • changes in intro animation
  • reposition or remove icons in the xml – you can remove icons you don’t need from the menu and rearrange icons as you want just by editing the xml
  • home button added in the menu – opens another url in the same window, set the url in xml
  • download button added in the menu – download a file from server – use this to download all pages in .zip or to download .pdf
  • Added transparrency option for the menu that you can set in the xml
  • Added hard covers option – choose different flip sounds and different page bending value for first and last page
  • Added intro animation of the book
Book xml example


    <page url="book1/Fashion1.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb1.png" name="Cover"/>
    <page url="book1/FashionLast.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb2a.png" name="Youtube video">
        <youtube x="20" y="500" width="700" height="450" id="OUZwwibAl1g" autoPlay="false"/>
    <page url="book1/toc.swf" thumbUrl="book1/thumb3a.png" name="Table of content">
        <flv x="260" y="250" width="448" height="245" url="intro.mp4" autoPlay="false"/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion4.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb4.png" name=""/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion5.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb5.png" name="About our brand"/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion6.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb6.png" name="Define the luxury"/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion7.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb7.png" name="Youtube video">
        <youtube x="300" y="420" width="400" height="260" id="0c8NH9C04bU" autoPlay="false"/>
        <flv x="20" y="750" width="320" height="180" url="intro.mp4" autoPlay="true"/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion8.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb8.png" name="Our growing"/>
    <page url="book1/videoPage.swf" thumbUrl="book1/thumb9.png" name=""/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion10.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb10.png" name=""/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion11.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb11.png" name="Our balance"/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion12.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb12.png" name=""/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion13.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb13.png" name=""/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion14.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb14.png" name="For our customer"/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion15.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb15.png" name="Design innovation"/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion16.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb16.png" name=""/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion17.jpg"         thumbUrl="book1/thumb17.png" name="Sexy fashion"/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion18.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb18.png" name=""/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion19.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb19.png" name=""/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion20.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb20.png" name="Today and tomorrow"/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion21.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb21.png" name=""/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion22.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb22.png" name=""/>
    <page url="book1/Fashion23.jpg" thumbUrl="book1/thumb23.png" name="Our branches"/>
    <page url="book1/last.swf" thumbUrl="book1/thumb24.png" name=""/>




    str1="Page " 
    <menuItem name="IconHome" label="Home page" position="left" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="IconBookSelection" label="Book selection" position="left" enabled="false"/>
    <menuItem name="IconPages" label="View all pages" position="left" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="IconContent" label="Table of content" position="left" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="IconZoomIn" label="Zoom in" position="left" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="IconZoomOut" label="Zoom out" position="left" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="IconFullScreen" label="Fullscreen" position="right" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="IconZoom" label="Zoom mode" position="left" enabled="false"/>
    <menuItem name="IconTilt" label="Tilt mode" position="left" enabled="false"/>
    <menuItem name="IconRotate" label="Rotate mode" position="left" enabled="false"/>
    <menuItem name="IconReset" label="Reset book" position="left" enabled="true"/>
    <!-- icons in the middle-->
    <menuItem name="IconFirst" label="First page" position="" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="IconPrevious" label="Previous page" position="" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="IconNext" label="Next page" position="" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="IconLast" label="Last page" position="" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="CurrentPage" label="Currnet page" position="" enabled="true"/>
    <!-- icons on the right side of the menu, in order right-to-left -->
    <menuItem name="Facebook" label="Facebook" position="right" enabled="false"/>
    <menuItem name="Twitter" label="Twitter" position="right" enabled="false"/>
    <menuItem name="IconSettings" label="Settings" position="right" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="IconSound" label="Sound" position="right" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="IconPrint" label="Print" position="right" enabled="false"/>
    <menuItem name="IconDownload" label="Download PDF" position="right" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="IconContact" label="Contact" position="right" enabled="true"/>
    <menuItem name="IconInfo" label="Info" position="right" enabled="true"/>



Info window and contact form

<info showOnStart="false" title="About"> 
    CDATA block here 
<contact title="Contact us" subtitle="Contact information" subtitle2="Send us a message" name="Your name" email="Your email" message="Your message" buttonSendLabel="SEND">
    CDATA block here
Book selection xml example

<settings coversPerRow="8" coverWidth="106" coverHeight="150" yPosition="120" margin="5" bgColor="0x666666"/>
<book xml="xml/book1.xml" img="img/cover1.jpg" title="Book 1"/>
<book xml="xml/book1_1.xml" img="img/cover1.jpg" title="Book 2"/>
<book xml="xml/book1_2.xml" img="img/cover1.jpg" title="Book 3"/>
<book xml="xml/book1_3.xml" img="img/cover1.jpg" title="Book 4"/>
<book xml="xml/book4.xml" img="img/cover4.jpg" title="Book 5"/>

Free support !

I offer free support for the file, contact me through the contact form on my profile page and I’ll answer to your questions.

The file is regularly updated with new features !

You can get the latest version simply by re-downloading the file. Check this page regularly for latest updates. All future updates will be available to all buyers.

Please rate the file on your download’s page.


Templates used in the preview:
Magazine Style Brochure
Green 4 page, A4 Generic Brochure
Portfolio Book 2 (8 pages)
24 Page InDesign Magazine A4
24 Pages Fashion Magazine / Catalogue

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