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Interactive Product Showcase

Interactive Product Showcase

Welcome to “Interactive Product Showcase”.

This application is designed for displaying items and their Specification in a friendly interface.
IPS can be used for a company or shop Product Showcase, and is perfect for items like Devices, Jewelry, Books, DVD packs, Box of material, … and also is a good alternative for large lazy banner rotators.

The IPS is full customized and every one can do configuration via xml file, help file is also included. IPS is deeplinked so you can drop a specific and direct link for any product around the web

IPS also can be used as e bookshelf and can be linked to deeplinked Flipbooks

I have nothing to say. The best support on Envato that I’ve ever seen. Five stars to go


  • Very customizable and fully XML driven, no Flash authoring needed and easy to use
  • 6 premium skin included
  • Loading images in queuing, one after one that cause fastest loading time
  • Loading row contents in sequence
  • Deeplink support, Seo friendly, back and forward button support. (SEO optimized)
  • 3D appearance (via perspective manipulation)
  • Option for changing perspective parameters and view angle
  • Option to set and use alternative URL for broken URLs
  • Option to modify row padding, thumbnails padding and margin
  • Option to set application width in normal mode.
  • Option to Link Products to external URLs instead of built-in specification page.
  • Compatible with deeplinked Flipbooks.
  • Option for vertical Slide time, page switch time, ..
  • Option to show Tooltip
  • Customizable row height and Number of visible rows
  • Pause and play loading while switching between pages
  • Auto fill and fit rows width and Numbers in Fullscreen mode
  • Resizable content
  • Custom 404 File Not Found
  • Auto fill, arrange and justify Thumbnail in rows
  • Using caching technology for optimizing bandwidth usage and fastset load time
  • Accepting thumbnails in any size (Keeping the aspect ratio of files after scale)
  • Enabled keys, Mouse wheel and button for Browsing
  • Support for unlimited number of items and categories
  • Memory management for unlimited Number of Items
  • Easy to use in other project (SWC file included)
  • Support most file types: JPG , PNG, GIF , SWF, ..
  • Skinable, using SWC file as skin
  • Detailed documentation
  • AsDoc is included

Add unlimited Number of Products in various Categories and enjoy fast and smooth browsing in clean and user friendly environment.

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