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Intractive UK Map

Intractive UK Map


We have built this interactive UK map in Flash AS2.0 and it has plenty of customization options. You can change look and feel of map according to your desire by using xml file.

Coding is simple and nicely organized in fla file. You can customize this application easily. You can easily load this map in any swf file.

Main Features

  • Fully Xml Driven
  • Resizable
  • Can be including in any project easily
  • Activate/inactive any state
  • HTML tooltip contents
  • Tooltip look and feel can be updated easily
  • Each state have its own url
  • Option for opening url in same and new window
  • Option of disable click event.
  • Each state color can be changed easily
  • Each state mouse over color can be changed
  • County mouse over shadow can be on/off
  • Linear effect can be on/off
  • Sound can be on/off
  • Heading box can be on/off easily and also have options to customized heading box colors.

Use activeden preview for all features of this application and create look and feel of your map and get your xml file by clicking on PREVIEW XML button.

Assets Info

MC Tween:
MC Tween is used for tweening. It’s free and available for free download.

You can download it from below link:
Download MC Tween


The music file used in the application are external and you can use your own music file.