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john&jane xml template

john&jane xml template

UPDATED 05/27/09 :
- Deep linking bug fixed on safari and chrome.
- Deep linking added,
- swf backgrounds,
- background are now resized by the center (a Top Left corner resizing version does exist, contact me if you need it),
- you can now change the opacity of the main container to let see the background,
- some litle bugs were corected.

JOHN & JANE’S TEMPLATE is a XML driven template including 10 modules, to display, news, text, videos, images, swfs… .

Features :
- XML driven,
- change colors in the xml,
- logo in png, gif, jpg or swf,
- background music,
- rss button,
- twitter button,
- fullscreen button,
- fullscreen resizing of text, video and images,
- different external image background for each section,
- scrollable menu,...

Modules :

- home : an image or swf and a html text, which adapt itself to the width of the screen,

- html text : display short or long html texts,

- news : display your news, with a title, a short description, and the complete text (html enabled),

- team : display your team members, with a photo, a html text, a twitter button, a www button, and a form to contact directly the member via e-mail,

- mini slideshow : a slideshow, automatic or manual, to display your images or swfs, with a small descriptive text,

- multimedia gallery : a gallery system to display your photos or videos,

- your own swf : load your own swf into the template,

- links : a links page with a description for each link,

- external link : to rely to a webpage outside your website (like your blog for example),

- contact : a contact form with your address, and an image or swf to show your office or display an interactive map,

- standalone video player : to display a showreel for example.