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Layer ver 1.0

Layer ver 1.0

Layer component can be used in any applications where the objects on canvas required to swap, lock, duplicate or temporarily hide just like in photoshop. Given below is the list of areas where you can use this component:

  • Post Cards
  • e-Cards
  • Application for design on fabric/objects like(T-shirt, cap, cup, etc.)
  • Presentations
  • Printing
  • Animations
  • Any drawing application
  • Skin Customization includes:

  • Size
  • Target the canvas
  • Custom icons from flash library for (eyeOn, eyeOff, lockOn, lockOff, duplicate and delete)
  • User can add any number of icons for item type like: text, image, shape, etc.
  • Header Text Color
  • Header Background Color
  • Header Background Alpha
  • Background Color
  • Background Alpha
  • Item Text Color
  • Item Background Color
  • Item Background Alpha
  • Item focus Color
  • Onion Color
  • Onion Alpha
  • Navigation Customization includes:

  • Swape Item by drag and drop
  • If the target items is out of view area i.e. lies in the bottom or top of the layer control then user simply drag the item to header or footer in order to scroll automatically
  • Delete Item
  • Duplicate Item
  • Rename Item label
  • User can also get an XML of the layer’s item data
  • Enable/disalbe the component
  • Other major features are:

  • Changing skin elements at run time
  • Clear All items and reset Layer Control
  • The user can add the item in layer with lock/unlock and eyeOn/eyeOff state at run time
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