LineStream - Interactive Preloader

LineStream Interactive Preloader

LineStream Interactive Preloader is a preloader made for larger site’s. There is nothing more annoying watching a progress bar slowly filling up. Thats why its interactive this will keep your visitors happy waiting.

Ready, Set, Go…

This file includes:

- a preloader

- the driving border

- 1 moveable object (arrow keys)

- 1 moveable object (aswd)

- the graphics

The file size included the graphics is only 7kb, so it has no effect on the loading time.

How does LineStream Interactive Preloader works? : Linestream is half drag and drop a movieclip, and a few frame with code and movieclips on the mainstage.

How do i change the Graphic style? : In the movie clip “Total” Replace the fake border with your border and your set.

Make sure you click the item to active the keyboard controls.

If you want to buy this item follow this link to sign up!

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