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Loading Bar with Game

Loading Bar with Game

When waiting your flash content, the visitor can play the beautiful balls. Perhaps they will not close your site because of your big size of file. Maybe can get a potential customer.

You can set these parameters. (modify the code in the movieclip named “main” ,you can find easily)

1. swfUrl (set the URL of your swf. After your swf load is completed, all balls and the bar will disappear, then show your content. you can test this image “http://images.pugster.com/images/items/mega/PD_MU131_X63.jpg”) If you use a absolute path, please set your publish settings “Access network only” If you use a relative path, please set your publish settings “Access local files only”

2. ballAppearanceInterval (set probability for creating a new ball)

3. swfX (set X coordinate of your swf.)

4. swfY(set Y coordinate of your swf.)

5. ballSize(you can set the two numbers in line 95, they are for random sizes), code: (ballMc.width = ballMc.height = RandomNum(20) + 20; )

Also I write instructions for every function or portion. If you want to change more, you can read the souce code. Just enjoy your playing !!!

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