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Discussion on MAJOR DREAM - Premium XML Template

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That’s what I’m sooo curious about… I sent a ticket and waiting.

I added a “custom” preview button.

hey lynch, i would like to see your template… but it’s no link there….!


I would like to see my template too. :) But there is nothing can I do for now. I sent a ticket to support and I’m waiting.

I added a “custom” preview button.

FYI , Custom Preview does not work in Safari, only in Firefox… Nice template.

Nice template!


No template ??? Que pasa ??

not work the intro with video. why ?

Probably, you’re trying to open template from your local disk and local content can’t reach online content like “YouTube player” because of some security restrictions.

You have some options to make it work from your local disk.

1. You can disable these restrictions. You can see how you can do this from the link: http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager04.html

2. You can re-publish Main.fla and see the template through Adobe Flash without any restrictions.

3. You can have a local network by installing IIS or Apache and simulate web conditions. So Flash Player’s security restrictions don’t appear.

demo inside links doesn’t all work!

That’s weird. What’s your OS and browser?

Very nice work! Is it possible to play youtube or flv videos as a background?

No, it’s not possible.

any way to add Vimeo to the video section?

Vimeo has the worst API of the world. So, I’m sorry but no.

Hi, I just purchased your template and I love it. Thanks. I am however struggeling with the flickr feature of the template. I followed the instructions / got my API key / placed it in settings.xml and filled the gallery_flickr.xml with several photo-ID’s from flickr. Nothing happens when I try it. Could you please help me out.

Also: could it be possible to adress a flickr photoset instead of placing all individual photos one by one in the xml file? I know Dense Photogallery is based on Photosets in Flickr and it would really save me a lot of work if I could just direct to the flickr set (I want to place hundreds of images on my website) :)



here: a flickr photostring: http://www.flickr.com/photos/77542667@N08/7099681805/in/set-72157629868230367 here’’’s my test site: http://www.starwarsarchives.com/test.html The Flickr photogallery should appear under: timeline 70’s/1976/ralf mcquarrie art…

I had made a mistake in “gallery_flickr.xml” file. “settings” node’s “module” value is “Galllery” now. That should be “Gallery” (with 2 L’s). It’ll be working if you write the correct value.

Photosets are not be able to use in Flickr galleries. So you need to add each picture one by one. I’m sorry about this.

Thanks for buying…

It works now. Thanks for that :)

Any chance for an update to use Flickr galleries in the Future? It would save weeks of work in the long run. And it would make your template even greater ;):)



Hi Stefan,

Actually it’s not that hard to add that feature. But it’ll make the template’s usage more complex and hard to understand the structure by many users. I try to keep users’ satisfaction with template is high. But it’s possible with simple and “easy to understand” stuff only.

So i’m not planning to add this feature to the template.

Regards, Lynch

Good morning, I’d like to know if external swf could be in AS2 ? Thank You mery much. Best regards Ale

Hey, AS2 files won’t work as external files.

Kidly regards, LynCh

Is it so hard to add this features?As2 code was so cute … :( There is no any workaround? Thx Ale

Sorry but no. :(

Nice theme, support turkish character set (utf8_turkish) ?

I just checked the fonts and I’m sure all the fonts support turkish charachers.


Are you sure that there is nothing wrong with the xml files?

No, does not support Turkish characters. You can look at the screenshot :



You’re right. I’m sorry for the mess. I’ve updated fonts. You can download updated version of the fonts from the link below.


You need to replace swf files inside “publish/fonts” folder with these updated ones.

is it possible to insert html codes?, example:

<!-- Hi-Media Performance FR : 468×60 --><iframe src="http://fl01.ct2.comclick.com/aff_frame.ct2?id_regie=1&num_editeur=15742&num_site=20&num_emplacement=1" WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" bordercolor="#000000"></iframe><!-- FIN TAG -->

“iframe” tag is not supported with actionscript. You can see which tags you can use in html codes from this page: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/flash/text/TextField.html#htmlText

hey intro page is not working plzz help

You need to buy it first.

my cousin buy it and he gave me

He can help you than.

Preview is not working. Site shows as all black page.

What’s your browser?

It’s back now! Firefox

Hi Lynch! I bought the template, but now i klicked on the french flag and he is not loading anything now. How can i fox it? I do not have a french version yet.

And How can i change the youtube-videos? I changed the link but the old video with the woman in taxi is still there :-( Greets Rene