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Masked Image Blur XML Menu

Masked Image Blur XML Menu


The Image Blur XML Menu is a simple, yet flexible and creative menu with an image in the background and the menu background mask either blurs or unblurs the background image. The background image can be a slideshow or a static background image, any size you like. The buttons and menu can also be any size you like.

In the menu.xml file:
– This is everything to do with the menu/buttons
– buttons_startX is where the X position where the menu will start, i.e. the first button’s X position
– buttons_spacing is how much space there is between the buttons
– masker_height is the height of the masker which reveals the blurred/unblurred image
– swap_blur if this is set to “off” the masker area will be unblurred and the rest of the image blurred, if it is set to “on” the masker area will be blurred and the rest of the image will not be blurred
– image_transparency is the transparency percentage of the unblurred image
– blurred_image_transparency is the transparency percentage of the blurred image
– menu_move_speed_delay is the delay that the menu will have to follow the mouse, 1 is absolute and will instantly follow the mouse and then the higher the number the slower the reaction to follow the mouse Y position
Then for each individual button:
– text_color is the initial color of the text
– text_over_color is the color of the text when moused over
– link_URL is the URL that it will navigate to on mouse click
– link_target if the target is “_blank” it will open a new window on click; if the target is “_self” it will open the link in the same window on click
– you can then write your button text with HTML formatting (so you can choose the font size) in between the CDATA tags

In the slideshow.xml file:
– interval is the number of seconds it takes to switch images
– transition_time is the number of seconds it takes to fade in the next image
– then you can add as many <image> tags with the attribute path where you write in the path to your image or SWF ; if you just want a static background image, only have one image tag

AS3 only. Opens with Flash CS3 and above only.

Step by step instructions are included and code is commented. Also, two html files are included to demonstrate SWF embedding for both full browser and fixed size.

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