Match Pairs Game (themable) - ActiveDen Item for Sale

The game is part of our Puzzles Pack.

A Customisable Game by Tweaks
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It’s simple, but surprisingly addictive. And we’re hooked! Try it yourself. We’ve included a default theme and set it up to run through the various styles of play. You can use a Countdown Clock and Scoreboard or just allow players to go at their own pace. You can change all the options on each level, to increase the difficulty. This game is fully themable with Tweaks Admin, try it!

Option Highlights
- Unlimited Levels.
- Create New Tile Graphics.
- Create New Pairs Graphics.

- Re theme and re brand in minutes.
- Free Support.
- Free Updates.

Files Included:
- User guide
- AS3 Classes
- Fla
- Image, audio, theme.xml assets

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Updates Roadmap
There are no updates scheduled for this file yet, because we haven’t recieved any requests. If you have a feature you’d like to see included in the next update use the comments box or send us an email and we’ll do our best to include them.