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Matching Game

Matching Game

Match the right cards by dragging lines between them.

Are you looking for a memory card game instead?

Update #1
The path to the settings XML can now be specified from within the HTML .

Features overview

  • Well-documented: Read-me PDF included.
  • Preloader, showing the amount of elements loaded.
  • Easy adding cards: you can specify cards in rows and columns, and the system figures out the rest. Add as many cards as you like.
  • Customizable randomization in rows and in columns
  • Title of each round
  • Percentage of completion of the round
  • Custom function call at the end of the game
  • Position the cards and the texts
  • Custom language

    Customizable through XML

  • Path to sound
  • Path to images
  • Height and width of image
  • Spacing between rows and columns of cards
  • Card have round edges (yes/no)
  • Use background image (yes/no)
  • Use sound (yes/no)
  • Randomize rows (yes/no)
  • Randomize columns (yes/no)
  • Show title (yes/no)
  • Show title of round in titlebar (yes/no)
  • Show percentage (yes/no)
  • by