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Hi scar_pragma.

There is no provision for scoring in this way as they quiz stands now. There’s no reason why that couldn’t be done in a modified version of the quiz, but that’s outside the scope of advice / 1 line mods that I would offer for free. If you would like a quote for doing the work, please send me an email via my activeden profile, giving as much detail as you can of how you would like the modified quiz to behave.

Hi, we want to custom your quiz, and we need your help. Firstly, we have our own list of questions and we just want to offer two possible answers A or B; so, please can you tell us where and how to indicate this without breaking the game? and another question… where we have to indicate which is the correct answer. Thanks a lot.

We really hope you would help us; as we realised that you don’t post anything since 1 year ago, and we hope it could be because anyone had any doubt during this time, because we really need your help to work out our dubt. We will wait for your response. Thanks a lot.

Hi OriginaliCopia.

I do monitor comments on my work. The only reason there’s been nothing written for a year is that no one has asked me anything! (I pride myself that’s because of the quality and depth of the documentation I write, which often takes longer to write than the application!)

Unfortunately there is no easy ‘one line answer’ to your question. Having four possible answers is one of the core features / part of the design, so there is no simple way to implement what you are after.

My two suggestions are 1) invent two new wrong answers for each of your questions. If you want to make it ‘easy’ for someone to get the right answer (I’m assuming you do since you were planning to have only one wrong answer on show) then why not make the two new answers obviously wrong?

and 2) if you definitely need a multiple choice choice with only two possible answers, contact me via my profile page here (click my minifig avatar) and we can talk about me producing a custom version for you.

Thanks a lot for your response! Well, the fact is that we decided to bought this game just to do this work quickly, as we read that this game was so customizable and easy, but now we don’t know what to do. Because we realised that we really need to get this work in few days, and we thought that it would be a great idea to buy it done and just make a few changes, but now it seems to be more complicated that we tought. Firstly, it’s essential to offer this game with just two answers, not 4. Do you think it would bé too complicated? Thanks


I appreciate you’d like a different answer from me, but from the same question, I can only offer the same reply.

I know it’s easy to be wise after the event, but you can ask questions about a piece of content before you buy it, you know…

I’m available for freelance work and I can build you what you need, but you must appreciate that for the $10 activeden fee (of which I only get a share) there isn’t room in that fee to have a custom version built.

Thanks for your response. One more question, please. Do you think is it possible to offer one information text or another depending on the score result? Thanks

Hi OriginaliCopia.

Yes, that’s a core feature of the quiz. The last bullet point on page 1 of the documentation says…

“Fully editable ‘feedback’ phrases / links depending on the player’s score – Once the quiz is over, the player learns their score, and receives feedback. You decide what the game says to them. Can also be used to deliver ‘links’ to other pages / sites depending on the player’s score.”

You can find a complete step by step description of how to do this starting at page 13 of the documentation.

Thanks, I think that we have achieved. Just one more question, when I play the game firstly it seems to works right, but when I restart the game sometimes it show me one question as undefined, is it possible that I have done something wrong or that I use CS5 .5 and it would be better to use a low version. Thanks.

The are two most likely reasons for this, either of which will be solved by looking at frame 1, layer ‘code’ in movie flip ‘quiz_mc’ (the first frame of the main timeline of the quiz.


1) the line of code number_questions = 31; (line 2 in my original version). This number must match the actual number of questions in the quiz. For example, if this number were set to 31, but you only had 30 questions, then occasionally (when question number 31 actually came up in a quiz) you would get the problem you described.


2) (less likely, but still possible) you have missed the closing quotation marks on one of your questions. So for example, if line 34 which should read

q4 = “Who played Dumbledore in ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’?”;

actually read this…

q4 = “Who played Dumbledore in ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’?;

(missing final double quotes) then this may also cause the problem you described.

This is exactly what I was looking for, but the only thing missing is a high score page at the end, so the player would have something to shoot for.

Do you have any plans to add this to the file? If not do you recommend a way to add high scores to it?


Hi glutenfree4u.

No I wasn’t planning to add a high score table to this quiz, but I have made other quizzes that do have this feature. See for example http://www.quizengine.co.uk/sidebar/sidebar.html – all of the quizzes here have high score tables. If you choose to purchase the quiz here at Activeden, I’ll share the source code for the ‘Sidebar’ quiz and answer any questions you might have about how to transfer that functionality. You should know that the high score table feature requires that you have FTP access to your server, and that the server has PHP installed. It can also be problematic to install on servers that use a CMS (content management system, such as Joomla, Wordpress etc). CMSs like to ‘manage’ the content in such a way that even files that are in the same folder can’t ‘see’ one another. One great benefit of the Mega quiz as it stands is that it is a single standalone file and so isn’t a problem using with a CMS. A version of the quiz which does have a high score table needs at least three files – the swf with the quiz in, a PHP script to access the high score table, and a text file containing the high scores. Finally, you should also know that the method I have used to implement the high score table has no security, so you should only employ that method in a ‘for fun’ game, and not one that involves prizes or rewards as it would be too easy for someone to work out how to cheat their way onto the high score table.

41ici4 Purchased

help me!

This is my first purchase of a flash template and I think I heavily misunderstood the term “highly editable”.

I loved the layout and some of the features your quiz came with but it’s missing the core aspect I need and I don’t know how to add it or if it’s even possible.

I want to have a quiz based around images. Example.

Who created this image? >>>Image<<<

Just purchased. Looks like the perfect solution for a project I’m working on a school. Looking forward to working with this.