MetaFoto - Flash Component for Photo Editing

MetaFoto is a Flash component for image editing and simple photo retouching. It allows to load photos from local disks or arbitrary URLs. The component has built-in support for zooming, panning and cropping photos. It provides various effects and filters that can be applied to photos as well as an auto enhancement operation that tries to automatically improve the quality and visuals of the photo.

The component allows to:

  • load photos directly from user’s disk,
  • load photos from arbitrary URLs,
  • download modified photos,
  • upload modified photos to the server,
  • use multiple-level undo/redo,
  • zoom photos in and out,
  • pan photos,
  • crop photos,
  • create demotivators from photos,
  • apply various effects and filters to photos,

List of supported image effects, operations and filters:

  • auto enhance,
  • convert to black & white,
  • convert to sepia tone,
  • sharpen,
  • soften,
  • adjust the brightness,
  • adjust the contrast,
  • adjust the temperature,
  • blur,
  • invert colors,
  • run high-pass filter,
  • resize to fit,
  • rotate by 90 degrees.

Full source code of the component along with detailed reference documentation is included. The project was developed using Flex SDK , ActionScript 3 and Adobe Flash Builder.

NOTE : Here I’m offering only the MetaFoto component, without the user interface that you see in the preview which comes from a web site I created for demonstration purposes: