Micro Banner Rotator -Auto Delay,Captions, Xml,AS3


UPDATED – 26 August 2009

Added :

  • Ability to use slides as links.
  • Ability to switch off the whole caption on a slide by slide basis.
  • Ability to use only caption title or only caption body on a slide by slide basis.

Buyers asked for it and now it’s here. A complex, yet clean and minimal, micro banner rotator.

Need to fill a gap in your html layout? Why not, avoid all the hassle of customizing the large rotators and go straight for the micro-banner rotator. Optimized for multiple use on web pages, this little fellow has all of the features you have come to expect from the serious banner rotators, but here it’s all packages neatly into a small space.

This rotator is perfect for use in the side bar of your web page, showcasing products, news headlines, quotations , affiliates etc. etc.

With the flash vars xml path, it’s easy to embed multiple times in a html layout and with all of the customizable settings, each one can look completely different from the next.

Import your SWF’s and manually set the slide to continue when the movie finishes. Write lengthy captions and have the code automatically set your delay so that a reader has time to readit fully. Or don’t use captions at all.

Easily set all colors, caption positions and animations in the xml file. This item also includes a detailed help file.


  • Auto slide delay by counting words in Caption + Minimum delay setting for short captions.
  • Manual delay option for setting delay for slide individually.
  • Caption Title X & Y location and caption width can be input in XML for each slide.
  • Caption Body X & Y location and caption width can be input in XML for each slide.
  • Link X & Y location and text and color, can be input in XML for each slide.
  • Adjust the “TweenFrom” and “TweenTo” and “TweenDelay” values for the caption title and body.
  • Url for the xml file is passed to the swf via flash vars.
  • Slide load buffer, set how many slides you wish to be loaded before the slide show begins
  • External link associated with each caption, color and text editable in XML .
  • Use image buttons, option in xml.
  • Set button spacing and bottom left or bottom right, justification.
  • Number of slide is unlimited, but button space is limited.
  • Loads JPEG , PNG , GIF images and SWF files. SWF files need to contain all required controls in the external file.
  • Button colors are editable from xml.
  • Auto-Hide numbers option in XML
  • Set *auto play in XML ;
  • Play Once option in XML
  • Visual timer bar, color and visibility editable in XML.
  • Embed fonts and use your own fonts in the captions
  • Easy to resize, simply change the component size in the XML
  • Don’t embed font option in XML to allow caption to support HTML formatting and hyperlinks.

Fonts used in the file are Helvetica Neue LT Pro, and Myriad Pro, which are not included in the download package.

Thanks to PHOTOS8 for some of the images used in this preview.

This item uses “Tweener” tween library, which has been included in the download package for your convenience.

Hope you like it. And Don’t Forget To Rate The File. Thanks.


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