- actionscript based tooltip object with typewriter effect
- ’*.as’ actionscript file based object with very easy setup
- two versions: system-font based and embeded
- lightweight – only 6kb
- customize features like:
    position of text according to pointer – can be ‘top’ (above the pointer) or ‘bottom’ (below the pointer)
    color of the background plate
    alpha of background
    roundness of background rectangle
    the width of the extra left and right sides
    color of text
    speed of typewriting effect

- 2 lines of code for setup: tipconfig function for configuration and a simple tip( ‘tip text’ ); function
- typewriter animation can be disabled
- fade in and out
- clips that are created at runtime are disposed properly when not in use – for greater overall performance
- use of html formatted texts – like line breaks
- very easy to setup
- the system-font version is full-actionscript generated, so no need of copying of objects, just a simple #include is enough
- help file with instructions and script commented for easy understanding

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