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Mini RocPod - XML Flash Music MP3 Player

Mini RocPod - XML Flash Music MP3 Player

This XML Flash music mp3 player is great for every website. It can be easily customized and added to any Flash file by just dragging and dropping. You can change Mini RocPod’s color, default settings, and add new songs easily through the XML .

  • Fully XML Driven
  • Streams mp3s
  • Add unlimited amount of songs
  • Auto start feature
  • Auto hide panels on start up or show them on start up
  • Can be easily added to Actionscript 3 files, just drag and drop
  • Easily change the color through the XML file
  • Displays album Art
  • 7 Different Background Arts to choose from
Resources Used:
Vector Designs

Please remember to rate the file, and if you have any questions, just shoot me an email at scottrockers[at]gmail.com.

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