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thank you for answer

yosh66 Purchased

Hi I purchase it and it’s great!

Though I have couple question.

I want to add another button to menu to load the same movie file like box1(about us).

I made the same movie file and name box6, btn6 button and also xml files etc.

I think I did all I should but it doesn’t load the box6 movie file when I click btn6.

I’m new to flash and it would be great if you could help.

Plus, does this template show the same when the desktop resolution is low?


yosh66 Purchased

Plus, is it possible to fix the browser size (to show the website)?

Dear @yosh66:
please check out the tween class layer and menu config layer actions
if need more help please send me PM, i will help you!

yosh66 Purchased

Thank you Perry Mason!

If I will need more help I will PM you.

thanks again.

yosh66 Purchased

I have another question and try to email you from PM page.

1) Is it possible to keep the menu visible all the time?

2) I’m hoping to have the menu on the top left. is it possible to do that?


Hi! How could i change the color of preloader??? looking forward to your answer thnx

walker1987: Click on preloader stripe line and Just simple pic new color from properties palette!

yosh66: You can add top left the menu, just change on the Stage Align Layer Stage width and height to “0”. Menu visible of course is possible, just you haven’t out tween effect for content MC.

koredom Purchased

Is it possible adding a centered picture as background, because if i change the background now, it tiles it. How can i do change the setting that it doesn’t tile it, and how to center it.

Please Step by Step!

Thanx in advance

Hi Perry,

I would like to add an image in my newsitem. Could you give me a few instructions on how to do that?

Thanks in advance.

ohh that background is so hot, where can i get it!!!!!!!

ega Purchased

Hi Perry, i really loved this site. I need to add some video and music to the portfoltio entries. How can I do that?

Thanks, EGA

Hello! You can add video or music for portfolio entries, just embed complete flv or mp3 player in external swf file. Navigation use xml file, so its not have flv or mp3 player include the portfolio section.

Is it just me or I do not see the menu on my preview?

I want to specifically see how the portfolio section works.

I realy like the template! I buy this today! I have a quetsion…how i can change the name of the buttons? like from ‘about us’ in ‘about me’ or…’our news’ in ‘news’ ?! thank you



You can change easily all menu names in FLA file. Not xml generated! Hope you like it :)

wow great work, :) send me what font you used on the thumbnail realy like it.