Mobile Site Simulator AS3 OOP

Meet the Flash Mobile Site Simulator! It is ultimate solution to present Your mobile site, swf file or any other type of images in the sleek mobile fashion. It offers unique slide experience known from the iPhone. (when you slide down the site and release the finger/mouse it slowly slides further) Thanks to hyperlinks You may show site with fully working navigation. It is great for showcasing Your work to the client.

It is extremely easy to use. You won’t need any coding experience to adapt it to Your needs. Everything is configurable through convenient xml files.

7 pages pdf file will help any user to start his own Mobile Simulator in minutes.

Mobile Site Simulator Features:

  • no need to open FlashBuilder! Everyghing is configurable via XML
  • unique content slide effect
  • support of any kind of images and swf files
  • dynamic pages loading (with preloader)
  • transparent mobile phone background
  • add only 1 line of html somewhere inside the body tag for embedding


Save webpage as image with this Firefox Add-on
Save webpage as image on Mac


This is good for showcasing pictures of a website but only if you are willing to take new screen shots every time you alter your site. Good documentation, and source code is in good order. BUT DOES NOT DISPLAY WEBSITES (HTML) ONLY PICTURES OF WEBSITES . Excellent for showing drafts to clients. Very easy to get running.

Adam Roberts – buyer

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