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I purchased this file(VERY Great FILE ) I was able to customize it because I know actionscript on a decent level. But how would I be able to place buy now buttons throughout the flash site and have them all go to the cart actions or whatever? I will have 4 different pages but I would like to have the buy buttons on different sections of the site and what I noticed is that the whole shopping cart is within one movieclip and when I try to seperate the buy now buttons and point them to the cart or orderform—-the will not populate to the shopping cart orderform. How would I do what I need?.


Thanks for the rating & postive feedback.

Your best bet is to simply copy all frames on the layers inside the movie clip & then paste them into your existing project somewhere on the main timeline.

The key factor is having the Cart Actions layer on the same frame where you want to have any add to cart buttons.

Further, If you want to keep the cart details while going back and forth to other pages or swf’s etc. you must ensure the Cart Actions layer extends throughout any timeline movement.

e.g. The Cart Actions Layer is starts on Frame 1 and goes to the end of the timeline.

This really applies to those using timeline based animation, page transitions and or scripting only.

will you come out with a cart that subtracts items idividually from the cart——that would be cool.

Many of the other carts have this functionality already.

It’s pretty simple to add if you purchase any of the other carts, you can see how it works.

They all use the same basic “orderform” movie clip.

The difference is once inside the movie clip, you have add/subtract items from Cart.

However, the next release is a freakin’ Video Store!!!

It’s gonna be awesome.

I am uploading it tonight.

Here’s my next file in the que: DEMO

how does the mp3 get delivered to the purchaser?

You deliver it to the purchaser. That’s your responsibility…


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