Multi Pie Chart + XML / No XML - ActiveDen Item for Sale


This is a very nice high-quality Flash pie chart that allows for annotation of the diagram.

You can configure a chart fast and easily through an XML file. You can change
  • Add the series/slices as you like. Define names, colors, filling transparencies, and URL links.
  • Add as much annotations as you like. Set annotation marker’s transparency and color. Define transparency for series that are not relevant for a shown annotation. An annotation has a description and can relate to an arbitrary set of series/pie slices.
  • Width and height of the chart
  • Legends on/off
  • Chart title (on/off), title color
  • Labelling and text shown in the tooltip
  • If the slices should have a bevel filter.
  • Fillings on/off.

Everything is well documented.

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