Multi user Password a/c with idle session tracking

Multi user Password a/c with idle session tracking:

This is a Multi User Password program which is retrieving the password from an external XML file. This is very useful as the desired users & passwords can be changed from the external XML file very easily without touching the main FLA.

Special feature in this file is that: it tracks the idle session for an user, and logs out when the idle session expires.

Main feature of this program:

· XML driven Multiple user program supports up to maximum 10 user’s account

· It tracks the idle session for an user, and logs out when the idle session expires, which is easily Manipulate able (increase or decrease) from the component’s parameter

· You can use either the Sign In Button or the “Enter key”

· There are only three attempts after that the status gets sealed, & the number of tries is customizable

· A digital watch has been attached to track the idle session

· In addition to this the flash “Right Click menus” are disabled and easily customized items have been added with mailto feature

· Centered in browser
· Well documented Help file in the download version

· * Graphics 100% editable. · * Scripts are in a compiled clip.

User-ID and Password used here:
user: samss    Pass: apple
user: sujata    Pass: pine
user: aitijhya    Pass: lemon
user: ankita    Pass: mango
user: kajal    Pass: guava
user: asoke    Pass: banana
user: djcoolyahoo_123    Pass: disc

To test this; do not move your mouse or do not press any key by keeping this window on focus or you may keep any other window in focus and keep working, after 10 idle seconds the current user gets logged of and is redirected to the Login screen again.

Usage: This can be used as a user | Password validation in web, CD ROM’s or any where that requires password authentication with privacy and idle time tracking.

Note: Do not use this for any highly secured zone / entry.