Multi user Password a/c with URL redirection

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Multi user Password a/c with URL Redirection:

This is a Multi User Password program which is retrieving the password from an external XML file.

You can set different URL / Page redirection for each user.

This is very useful as the desired users & passwords can be changed from the external XML file very easily without touching the main FLA .

It tracks the idle session for an user, and logs out when the idle session expires.

Main feature of this program:

• XML driven Multiple user program supports up to maximum 50 user’s account

• You can Redirect each user to their respective profile page or any URL

• It tracks the idle session for an user, and logs out when the idle session expires but works only if the user is not redirected.

• You can use either the Sign In Button or the “Enter key”

• There are only three attempts after that the status gets sealed, & the number of tries is easily customizable

• A digital watch has been attached to track the idle session

• In addition to this the flash “Right Click menus” are disabled and easily customized items have been added

• Graphics 100% editable. • Scripts are in a compiled clip, so you don’t have to change any coding just change the Parameter’s value

Note: there is no “Redirect to an URL ” Switch box in the downloaded version, instead it contains the Multi-user-component changing its parameter to “yes” would allow you to redirect a user to an URL & changing its parameter to “no” keeps all user to the same URL .

Some of the User-ID used here :
user: samss100 Pass: love
user: collis Pass: friend
user: cyan Pass: copyright
user: jun Pass: good
user: ryan Pass: ruby
user: vahid Pass: admin
user: sujata Pass: pine
user: aitijhya Pass: lemon
user: djcoolyahoo_123 Pass: disc

Usage: This can be used as a user | Password validation with URL redirection in web, CD ROM ’s or any where that requires password authentication with privacy and idle time tracking.

Note: Do not use this for any highly secured zone / entry.

NEW : An unlimited version is also available on custom demand

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