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Multimedia Background with Slideshow

Multimedia Background with Slideshow

Logo is optional.
It can be image or a swf file.
If used, it can be positioned anywhere on the stage.

Supports Image, Video and SWF files.
Navigation panel is optional and if used, can be at the top or at the bottom of the stage.


Set navigation panel position (top / bottom stage)
Set navigation panel width
Set thumbnail dimensions
Logo is optional and can be either image or swf.
Logo can be positioned anywhere on the stage
Video Support for flv, mov, mp4 and h.264 video formats
Choose between 4 available video aspect ratios for each media: original size, fit inside, fit outside, stretch
Set videoBuffer feature
Set default volume for video
Set video smoothing
Start / stop slideshow on runtime
Set individual delay for each media

The images used in this project are courtesy of

Special Thanks to InlifeThrill for sample video used in the preview.