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Multiple File Upload Tool Deluxe V2

Multiple File Upload Tool Deluxe V2

An multiple file upload tool, fully adjustable in XML! Version 2.1

NOTE: The example uses the same .swf 4 times, with 4 different XML files!

  • Fully adjustable in XML:
    • Change maximum file size and allowed file types in XML
    • Fully skinnable in XML! Change text, button, upload bar and background colors
    • Change all texts in XML
    • Add extra variables, that will be send to the PHP
  • Add as many files as you want
  • Multi language support
  • Admin email notification when upload is complete
  • Set maximum file size, limited to you server’s own max_upload_filesize limit
  • Set allowed file types, chose between all and images or choose the file types yourself!
  • Set upload directory
  • Upload bar with percentage for each file and for the total progress
  • Detailed upload progress (See how many MB, files and time is left)
  • Upload speed indicator
  • Delete files from queue while uploading
  • Cancel upload
  • Coded in AS3
  • No Adobe flash or flash knowledge needed, because the most changes can be done in the XML file

Requires a server with PHP support!

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