I’ve launched my support page for flashden items. If you have any problems trying to contact me through kudosden@gmail.com

The title should be Multiple Upload
Make sure to attach the file together with the mail so i can confirm that you’ve really bought it.


Multiple Upload

.: Supported multiple files to be uploaded at the same time.
.: Allow user to select files multiple time (each time can select multiple files)
.: Allow type-filter (allows only some kind of files to be upload)
.: Supported file size limiting
.: Check the terms & conditions agreement before activate the uploading
.: Supported remove file while uploading
.: Checking for added files (one file can be on the list one time, even if you select it again)
.: Supported external variable : multipleUpload.swf?mPhp=[filePhp]

Release files :
news bulletin Cards Viewer 3D Picture Tail XML Slide Show Gallery Magic MP3 Player