Music Player with Coverflow

“Music Player with Coverflow” is standalone application gives unique audio and visual design whether you use it as a product promotion or a personal portfolio.Comes with 4 modules: Player, Playlist, Coverflow and Visualizer. It is fully xml driven file that allows you quick modification according to your wishes. It is build for musicians and music enthusiast who are in need for music player that is functional,compact,interesting and convenient in same time. The best feature is that you can store unlimited number of albums and let your users choose what to listen. Also, link button is provided (it can be removed trough XML file) for fast linkage to your website. Choose between image background, color only or no background (ideal to use in flash file). For standard modification you do not need to know Flash programming, all you need is to modify music.xml file.

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  • Fully xml driven
  • ActionScript 3.0
  • 4 modules
    • Music player
    • Playlist
    • Coverflow
    • Visualizator
  • “Auto Play” option
  • Link button
  • Image,color or no background
  • Auto-scroll features for titles
  • and much more…