Musician Album Viewer

This is an easy to use 800×400 widget for displaying XML albums with art, and with an audio player so they can hear your songs, and with the ability to link so they can buy the album (the full process to you making money with your album!). It is designed to be graphically simple and functionally solid, for easy skinning and use into your project. It is XML, CSS, and HTML driven for complete customizability, and all images are XML driven so your cool album art can even be seen.


  • XML, HTML and CSS driven for a large amount of easy control.

  • All images seen are dynamically loaded, width album art

  • Drag and drop implementaion, or easily embedded into HTML.

  • If body text is too long, a scroller appears for use.

  • If there are too many menu items on the left, then it starts autoscrolling through them based on mouse movement.

  • If there are too many songs in an album, then it starts autoscrolling through them based on mouse movement.

  • Simply colored and laid out, for easy use in your project. Text colors are edited through an external CSS file.

  • Designed to be functionally solid, so that it can be graphically skinned and put into your project :)

  • BUY IT NOW is an HTML link, so you can use javascript injection or send to a PHP file for custom integration into a cart OR link out to a site for selling albums such as

  • Text is CSS/HTML capable, so you can not only link out using a buy it now link, you could use an img tag to show a “buy now” swf that integrates completely to your cart system :)

SEO and Mobile Friendly XML Templates

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