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myEventCalendar (xml & css)

myEventCalendar (xml & css)

An event calendar system for your sites which is easy to use and manage. Its XML and CSS based for easy modification without needing any Actionscript knowledge.


  • Easy to customize and manage. XML based.
  • Easily change the dimension of overall calendar.
  • Most of the font type, size, & color can be modified via the CSS file.
  • Unlimited event entry for a day, with links.
  • Each event has duration so no duplication of entry needed for each day unless it extends to the next month.

Here are some of the settings you can play with in the xml itself:

  • calendarWidth=”250” : overall width of the calendar
  • calendarHeight=”250” : overall height of the calendar
  • boxColor=”0×99CC00” : heading box color (Sunday, Monday. Tuesday..)
  • todaysBoxColor=”0×99CC00” : current day box color
  • markedBoxColor=”0xffff33” : marker color to indicate if there is an event on the day
  • scrollBarColor=”0×000000” : scrollbar dragger color
  • scrollTrackColor=”0×555555” : scrollbar track color
  • gap=”1” : gap amount separating the boxes.
  • linkTarget =”_blank” : link target, _blank to open link in new window, _self to open in same window

Example of entry for an event

     <launch>http://activeden.net </launch>
     <memo_title>Some Award Show</memo_title>
     <memo_details>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..</memo_details>

Duration: 14-18.3.2008 (day-day.month.year). Please note if duration exceeds a month to another month, you will need to create a separate entry
launch: link to article etc
Memo title: event title
Memo details: description of the event