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myItemBrowser (xml)

myItemBrowser (xml)

A stylish product displayer for your products with tooltips.


  • easy to customize and manage. XML based.
  • Launch an external link or run a function with additional parameters directly set in the xml.
  • Tool tip for product descriptions.
  • Mouse wheel scroll for quick browsing with blur effect.
  • Loops as well!

Here are some of the settings you can play
with in the xml itself:

menuWidth=”590” : overall width of the menu.
menuHeight=”300” : overall height of the menu.
imgWidth=”200”: width of the image.
imgHeight=”227” : height of the image.
moveSec=”1” : Slide + alpha transition speed
blurAmount=”60” : Blur amount when moving
tipFollowSpeed=”5” : speed of the tip when following the mouse
uppercase=”false” : uppercase option for the description
launchLinkTarget=”_blank” : link target for the menu

<item type="link">
    <title>Tasty Juice 3</title>
    <description>Easy to set up. All settings can be done in the xml itself.</description>

Example on how to launch function in XML:

<item type="function">
    <title>Tasty Juice 1</title>
    <url param="movie.swf">customFunction</url>
    <description>This item is set to run a function with a parameter passed along with it to load an external swf. 
    All done directly in the xml!</description>

Note:You will need FuseKit installed to get this file to work, it is very easy to install, dont worry :) you can get it for free here

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