.Net Slot

.Net Slot

With This Extention You Can Use Microsft .Net Framework Facilities Inside Your Adobe Air Desktop Applications.

Advantages :

  • Use Technologies , Libraries and Codes wrote in .NET Languages(C++,C#,Visual Basic,J#,etc) inside your Application.
  • Increase your Application Performance.
  • Increase your codes life time with modular and data driven design.

Disadvantages :
  • It just works under windows . you can`t port your app in other platforms.

Features :
  • Loading .NET Framework Assemblies From File(DLL or EXE) or From GAC (Global Assembly Cache).
  • Creating .NET Framework Objects Instances From Action Script Side in Runtime.
  • Converting Data Types Between .NET Framework and Action Script :
    • Boolean <-> Boolean
    • Int32 <-> int
    • Uint32 <-> uint
    • Double <-> Number
    • String <-> String
    • Byte[] <-> ByteArray
    • Bitmap <-> BitmapData
    • Object <-> DN_Object
    • null <-> DN_Null
  • Accessing Fields,Properties and Methods of .NET Framework Objects From Action Script Side.
  • Listening .NET Framework Events From Action Script Side :
    • Just “void Foo(object sender,EventArgs args)” like delegates are supported by far.

The extension can be used with:
- Flash Builder projects.
- Flash Professional CS6 (project example included).
- Flash Professional CS5 .5 (note that this is for advanced users only: you will have to use the ADT tool and an example project is not included).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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