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Welcome to New Standards Template Preview!

I’ve worked hard over the last 3 months to deliever a new kind of templates. A template that is ment for social integration.
This is the first step towards a complete solution for todays Web.

Templates Special Featues:

  • Sharing: Now you can share any page to any social network.
  • Social Integration: Load twitter, facebook, myspace or any rss feeds/stream to your template to the social box using our easy to use xml-driven system
  • Full Screen
  • map integration
  • Video support in all modules
  • Multiple Menus
  • Tween Control: You can change the tweens from Back , Bounce Exp.. check list in help file
  • Background Module: Set specific backgrounds to pages. Supports image/swf/video backgrounds
  • Page loading style/tween: 6 built in tweens available (up,down,left,right,alpha,custome)
  • Deep Linking: Using tags
  • Fast loading
  • Easy to customize: More than 70 xml settings to customize the UI(preview.swf) only
  • New and Unique Modules
  • All the standard templates features: Music Player, Full Screen, subMenus ..
  • Unlimitted use of modules via menu.xml
  • Everything is heavily tested and debugged
  • Support and Documentation: Commented and documented in an organized and easy to understand way

Modules Included:

  • Menu Module: 3 built in menus, side, top and bottom
  • Background module with video and swf support
  • Music Module
  • Share Module: Now you can share any page with 1 single click
  • Content (flash) Module: load any flash page to your template and choose how this page loads.
    6 built in tweens available (up,down,left,right,alpha,custom): Use the custom for to
  • Social Module: load any feed including twiiter and facebook feeds directly yo your website
  • Text Module with media support. Media can be placed abouve or below the text. Media can be a slideshow of images/swf/video. You can also choose to display only 1 media item (this will automaticlly remove the sldieshow function and graphics)
  • Banner rotator: Support images/videos/swfs. I’ve also supplied you with a slogan system so that you can caption the slide. These slogans are extremly customizable and very easy to use. A very organized help file will guide you.
  • Team Module with Graphics: This is a new module that displays unlimitted number of members in a horizental way. You can add Html text to them. It can be also used to display items/products or anything you like. Whats special about it is that the description is easily styled to get really unique designs!
  • Team Module without Graphics/ Showcase Moduke: Similarly to the news module but without the peron and floor graphics.
  • News Module: A very unique news module. Supports media (images/videos/swf) abover or below the news.
  • Serives Module: I integrated the banner module directly to this module. So now you can display images/swf and media while describing your services.
  • Work/Portfolio Moduke: This module comes with a built in banner module to display videos/swfs/image in your work/items description page. The main page (list fo all works/items) can be toggled between a list-view and a thumbnails-view (a very handy feature).
  • Media Module:Supports categories so that you can showcase multiple groups of media. Ofcourse you can include all types of images and videos!
  • Single video Module/reel
  • Contact form: Supports maps


Gallery Photos:
Background Image, modules (services,about,work): 3alisha from 3do, iplus’s 3D artist