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Off-Road Ralley Car Game with Banners

Off-Road Ralley Car Game with Banners

In addition to being a fun rally car game, this is also a way to virally advertise to a captive audience. Not only are your banners prominently placed on the menu pages, they’re strategically placed throughout the levels.

Game Features:

  • 18 unique and challenging levels
  • It remembers what level you’re on so you can come back weeks later
  • Stores best time on each level, encouraging players to keep coming back to beat their score
  • Sound preferences are saved in SharedObjects (Flash cookies)
  • Realistic physics using the QuickBox2d engine

Features for Using this Game to Advertise:

  • Banners are easily customized without needing Flash or special programs
  • You banner is shown on all menu pages
  • Banners are placed strategically throughout the levels
  • Banners rotate and show in random order
  • You can set the amount of time between banner rotation
  • You can add an unlimited number of banners
  • You could sell the ad space

A big thanks to ScottWills for providing the audio.

Please note that the game is resizable horizontally, but not vertically.

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