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On screen (virtual) keyboard AS 3.0

On screen (virtual) keyboard AS 3.0

On screen (virtual) keyboard AS 3.0 is used for typing characters with your mouse. This keyboard has a Tab key and a Shift key for inserting capitals and special characters. Just drag and drop the movieclip on your stage and click on any textfield, it will recognise it automatically.

Usefull for:
- kiosks
- touchscreen interface
- fullscreen flash games/website

- working ‘shift’ and ‘capslock’ key
- works on every ‘input textfield’ on the stage, no need to add names of the textfield, it will recognize all input textfields automatically
- easy to change or add special characters
- ‘abc’ or ‘qwerty’ keyboard layout

Update January 30, 2011:
1. Bugfix: ”-” and ”_” character fixed
2. Bugfix: Shift button graphics didn’t go in down state

Update August, 2010:
1. Added: special buttons for: ’.com’ ’.co.uk’

Update April 26, 2010:
1. Bugfix: Problems with standard Flash components fixed

Update February 02, 2010:
1. resolves an error with standard textbox components

Update January 17, 2010:
1. Bugfix: the index cursor disappears while you type (fixed: thanks to jeremyramos)
2. Bugfix: sometimes letters came out backwards in the textfield (fixed: thanks to marktaylor46 )
3. Update: added a real Enter key event to to return key (thanks to marktaylor46)
4. Update: added left and right arrow key
5. Update: added some example code (in the fla) on how to remove the keyboard listener