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OneForm : Dynamic Multipurpose Flash Contact Form

OneForm : Dynamic Multipurpose Flash Contact Form

UPDATE 21/09/09: OneForm V2.0 launched. If you have downloaded OneForm before 21/09/09 download it again to receive this update.

This update now supports vertical as well as horizontal scrolling inside forms. Mousewheel support added in vertical scrolling. Xml path can be passed via flashvars. All reported bugs have been fixed.
OneForm is a dynamic, multi page, multi control xml based flash form with transition effects, which you can use to setup any type of forms and get feedback from your users very easily in your websites and projects. OneForm supports following form elements :

1. Text Label (html enabled)
2. Input text field (single or multiline)
3. Drop Down
4. Checkbox
5. Radiobutton
6. File Upload (single or multiple file uploading with progress)
7. Hidden text field for passing hidden values alongside form values as submitted by the user.
8. Password input text field

Suitable for any form type and more, like:

  • Contact us form
  • File upload
  • Client login
  • Survey
  • Questionnaire
  • Quiz
  • User signup etc.
  • Request a quote form.
  • Horizontal content scroller.
  • Vertical content scroller.

Current PHP script is written to get form data posted / sent via email or saved as an CSV file or do both. Additionally it also provides some useful information such as Sendor’s ip address, perating System, Browser Information and Host address.
OneForm salient features :
1. 100% customizable (both looks as well as size of every form element can be customized).
2. Supports multipage forms with ability to enable or disable pagination bar display. Additionally you can also choose if pagination bar should be displayed on the top or bottom alongside all other standard configurable options.
3. Complete xml control.
4. 100% actionscript code driven with no library items. Simple drag and drop usage.
5. Option to get the form post sent to the specified email address or saved to a CSV file or both.
6. Multi lingual support.
7. Small Size (only 13kb).
8. Supports file uploading. Both single as well as multiple file upload supported.
9. Supports html enabled text labels for writing long descriptions or inserting external url’s.
10. Supports hidden text fields.
11. Ready to use PHP script. All you need to do is add your email address to the specified location in the PHP and you are ready to use OneForm.
12. Configurable transitions. Choose between different transitions. It supports blur effect, left to right or right to left tween with blur effect and alpha with blur effect.
13. Suitable for any form type with unlimited potential to use the same form any similar purpose you may need it for. Sample xml for all the form types in the preview comes alongside the package.
14. Allows configuring required fields with validation. So you can specify which form elements are required and which are not.
15. Robust email validation.
16. Character restriction. You can restrict inputting any character in any text field. So if its the phone number, you can permit only numbers and if its name permit only alphabets.
17. Configurable drop shadow effect. Apply drop shadow effect to any or all titles as per your choice. You can even apply this effect on the text labels.
18. Default value support for all text fields and drop downs.
19. Customizable response messages for form sent confirmation, or error or incase of incomlete form submission.
20. Supports horizontal as well as vertical scrolling.
21. Pass xml path externally via flashvars. Working example included in the package.

Feel free to send in any queries related to usage, general support or customization using this link : http://activeden.net/user/nliven#contact