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Great work …. awesome :D


Very nice design , very nice idea… Congrats..!

Hi, what is the maximum size of images in single projects? How many images there can be in home page slideshow? Thank you

you can choose any size to a maximum of 800 that is the total width of the site. As to the slideshow you can have as many images as you want


This is awesome!

You still haven’t sorted out your identity. Are you onepager.com or scamers?

You attempted to reach www.onepager.com, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as www.dealmaven.com. This may be caused by a misconfiguration on the server or by something more serious. An attacker on your network could be trying to get you to visit a fake (and potentially harmful) version of www.onepager.com. You should not proceed.

Envato should be protecting its customers not deleting genuine comments about threats to them…...

@3191 onepager.com has nothing to do with us or this file.

hi duo, great files.

I’m just beginning the customisation and i see that there’s no possibility to auto-play the slider. Is that possible for you to do that ?

I have another customisation to do in the header but i’ll try to do it myself before ringing you…

best regards

Yes, the slider doesn’t have autoplay, send us an email regarding to this and we’ll send you this with autoplay implemented.




Check it out before buy from these individuals. If they can’t get that part right, don’t expect anything else from their work.

info@onepager.com is even listed on the site, so I’d say they are the same.

Beware All

We’ll say this only one more time, onepager.com is not ours nor we do have anything to do with it. info@onepager.com is also not ours, onepager is only the name of our product here on activeden, it’s only dum content.

Please stop spamming the comments section with false acusations, or we’ll have to report you, thanks.

Amazing file guys, well done.

Good luck with the sales, we are waiting new files from you :)

Thanks :)

Hi! Is it possible to autoplay the slider? Thx for the great work!

I’ve already done this for another costumer, send me a private message for me to send you the files with the autoplay option.

Thanks :)

I like the product but is there any way audio and video can be incorporated?

Hi, thanks.

Sorry but music and video is not included in this template.

Thanks. And there are no other onepager style templates that can facilitate music or video?

Dont remeber of one that support music and video in this style. But give a search here on Activeden.


Hi duo,

I like the clean design of this fine template. I am considering to buy it. I will have to embed two special characters, as I usually have to do when customizing templates. On the other hand I am only a noob, not an expert, when it comes to flash. :) So may I ask, is it OK with this template to find all textboxes and embed those two chars? Someone before mentioned the .fla is empty and all codes are in the .as files. Sorry, this does not mean enough for me. :) Best regards, fbyte

Hi again, another question from me: You mention unlimited news items in the item description. In reality how does it work in the news section? An automatic slider or similar will appear in case of many items? Thanks and regards, fbyte

Hi Duo Does slider’s autostart possible ? How the contact form working ? php code is in the folder ? I bought another flash template activeden but the contact form doesnt works. Thanks in advance.