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Operating System Theme

Operating System Theme

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Operating System like site theme. Content is XML driven. Loaded content is handled by what I call “views” inside window clips. There are 6 type of views.

dir : Folder view, has two types of thumbs. 1 thinner for actual content, 1 bigger desktop thumb size suited for category folders.
htm : External HTM files. These support tags that Flash support in Text Fields.
swf : For loading external SWFs. These SWFs can interact with the system, eg. use Tooltip.
img : For images, Previous & Next buttons in panel let’s visitors to cycle through images in a folder.
snd : For sound/audio files, Previous & Next buttons in panel let’s visitors to cycle through sounds in a folder.
vid : For videos, Previous & Next buttons in panel let’s visitors to cycle through videos in a folder.

( Inactive snd and vid windows pause the media they are playing and resume when they are active again. This can be toggled by a button in panel so that they keep playing in the background. )

And an extra 7th view;
ext : For external links. Since this opens external links in the browser, it doesn’t have an actual view object in system.

ATTENTION Regarding “swf” View : Since every SWF handles things differently, it is impossible to have a standard system which correctly loads just any external SWF. You need access to FLAs of External SWFs you want to load and they need to have 5 functions (init, resize, activate, deactivate and close) to work correctly in this system.

This system uses a separate Skin SWF file. Skin file is relatively easier to modify than diving into system codes so you can easily change the looks. In fact by just changing the images in Skin file, you can achieve your own looks. There are also some redraw functions in Skin file for things like Taskbar, Windows background drawing, so you can change them too pretty easily. The skin file URL is provided in the main XML file so you can switch between your skins any time.

Some values are saved into SharedObject as user preferences. For example, last resized window size is kept separately for each view. So when a user resizes a directory window, directories opened after will open at the same size assuming the user is comfortable with that size. The state of toggle buttons, volume levels on panel are other examples.

Backgrounds are separate SWFs so you could use any other standalone backgrounds. I believe any background file you buy from Activeden is compatible with any theme unless specified.

You might wanna check out icon sets on Envato since they would be useful with this theme. Icon images must be 48×48 pixels in size.

I am previewing many files from envato, click here to see a complete list. These files are NOT included in the purchase. Also, these files were picked automatically from the recent uploads so let me know if there are errors.

Example boot.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<boot system="swf/system.swf" skin="swf/skin.swf" background="swf/tile_blue.swf" >
    <item view="dir" label="Desktop" >
        <item view="dir" label="Images Folder" icon="img" url="dir/images.xml" tip="Example image type content." />
        <item view="dir" label="Sounds Folder" icon="snd" url="dir/sounds.xml" tip="Example sound type content." />
        <item view="dir" label="Video Folder" icon="vid" url="dir/videos.xml" tip="Example video type content." />
        <item view="dir" type="big" label="About Theme" url="dir/abouttheme.xml" tip="Example folder for HTM, External SWF, External URL type contents." >
            <item view="htm" startup="true" label="Welcome Message" url="htm/welcome.htm" />
An example directory/folder xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <info><![CDATA[HTML formatted info text here.]]></info>
    <item view="dir" label="Sub Folder" icon="icons/specific-icon.png" url="dir/myfolder.xml" />
    <item view="dir" label="Folder with Sound Icon" icon="snd" url="dir/myfolder.xml" />
    <item view="htm" label="HTM Content" url="htm/abouttheme.htm" minwidth="500" maxwidth="800" />
    <item view="swf" label="External SWF" url="swf/normal.swf" />
    <item view="img" label="Image" url="img/1.png" />
    <item view="snd" label="Sound" url="snd/1.mp3" />
    <item view="vid" label="Video" url="vid/1.mp4" />
    <item view="ext" label="External Link" url="http://activeden.net/" target="_blank" />