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WOW , the fourth is really nice!!!

Hi Tri Cool file and Great Idea.

on my computer a mac, in safari and firefox they dont scale with the resize. The whole area just moves to the center and no tile changing takes place. Is that how it was meant.

Looking forward to more cool files from you.

i really like the preview image

though doesn’t really feel like a stage… more like curtain. Stage would have a perspective feel on the ‘floor’ part

but great colors n patterns – as usual :-)

very pretty, nice :)

Yeah No 1 & 4 are really nice :)

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I’ve installed one of the stage backgrounds in a Flash project I am working on. My own content is remaining static on the upper left when viewed in a browser window. I am trying to get my content to move contiguously with the stage background when the browser window is adjusted to different dimensions.

Could you offer some help on how I can fix this?

Hi chromepuppy
As you may understand we cannot give you support on this feature as it is not included in the package.

Hello. i just bought this pack in hopes of using it with the V3 site. can you tell me how ?

*Hi runehansen
Just overwrite the background.swf file used in the V3. It should be enough.