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Painting Words - Text Animation

Painting Words - Text Animation

This is a simple effect to animate any of your word. You can use it as an introduction to your movie by just adding a “Skip Intro” button if you want.

There are attributes you can control from the xml file. If you don’t put them via xml then the defaults given in the action script are used. You can also apply these attributes to a particular word to make it appear differently.

1. showdelay – the delay to perform before showing each word
2. staycount – nmumber of frames to stay before removing a word
3. speed – speed of animation – greater the speed, slower the animation
4. gap – spacing between the characters
5. border – border to which the painting effect should expand while animating
6. textcolor – color of the text
7. textsize – size of the text
8. chardelay – delay to perform before showing each character – this will be done randomly
9. droplength – the random length of the dropping line
10. textmove – the vertical distance to which the alphabet should move from top to bottom while animating
11. linewidth – the width of the painting line
12. link – link to open when the word is clicked
13. target – name of the target window or frame in which the link should open
14. color1, color2, color3, color4…... colorN – random colors for the lines on the word. You can give as many colors as you want.

As soon as you change any of the above attributes, the animation gets adjusted. So, you can make many kinds of cool affects with this file.

There are two kinds of things.
1. You can animate a number of words together to make it appear like an introduction to your movie. For this, the words are loaded from an external xml file and the symbol name is “words”.
2. You can make any of your word appear with this effect by using the symbol “word” and giving it a word you want… wordmoviename.word = “FLASHDEN”; and also applying the settings too.

If you use the “words” symbol then the space for showing the words gets resized automatically as soon as you resize the Stage of the flash movie.

You can also try changing the font style in the “char in” symbol.




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