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paper transition 19

paper transition 19

This file give your project an extra touch …

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  • These lightweight vector animations can be altered without any loss of quality.
  • You can easily stretch, rotate and color it to fit your flash projects
  • Vector-based animation
  • Sound-effect included
  • Can be transformed without loss of quality
  • Easily change color and shape
  • High quality frame by frame animation
  • 100 % pure vector
  • lightweight …
  • No actionscript required so you can use in AS2 and AS3 flashprojects …
  • The libraries of each item are very well organized.
  • Files are packed individually for easy usage

How to apply:

  • Just copy al the frames and paste them into the timeline.
  • For smooth animation set the framerate at 31 fr/s or more.
  • You can also put all the keyframes into a single movieclip to modify it easely.


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exclusive animation, gumball, gummball, gumbal, gumball, transition, paperlook, paper style

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