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Password Protection Pack

Password Protection Pack

This is a collection of four Password protection files

which you could readily use with little knowledge in Flash. What you need to do is change some parameters (mentioned in the help file) .

This Package consists of the following templates:

A: Unlimited-user-account: (New File)

  • XML driven Multiple user program supports unlimited user’s account.
  • You can Redirect each user’s to their respective profile page or any URL
  • You can use either the Sign In Button or the “Enter key”
  • There are only three attempts after that the status gets sealed, & the number of tries is customizable
  • A digital watch has been attached to track the idle session
  • In addition to this the flash “Right Click menus” are disabled and easily customized items have been added
  • Graphics 100% editable.

**Some of the User-ID used here: user: samss100 Pass: love user: collis Pass: friend user: cyan Pass: copyright user: jun Pass: good user: ryan Pass: ruby user: vahid Pass: admin user: sujata Pass: pine user: aitijhya Pass: lemon user: djcoolyahoo_123 Pass: disc

B: Multi user Password a/c with URL redirection:

XML driven Multiple user program supports up to maximum 50 user’s account
You can Redirect each user to their respective profile page or any URL
It tracks the idle session for an user, and logs out when the idle session expires but works only if the user is not redirected.

Cost: $15

C: Complete Privacy!

Single Signon / Single user log in
Cost: $8

D: Password Validation

Single Signon/Single password This password program is retrieving the password from an external txt file
Cost: $4