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Patience! Quotes Preloader XML

Patience! Quotes Preloader XML

1. Introduction

Based on the concept of keeping the visitor entertained, rather than boring them and effectively suggesting to view something else while yor page loads. This will display random informative quotes of famous people about Patience. You can set to display only 1 per load, or if it usually takes longer you can set auto switching. They will not repeat until every quote is displayed which is unlikely.

Your visitors will appreciate your efforts to make their time well spent! ;)

2. Features

  • Update (11/22/2009): The background can now be an swf too.
  • Update (11/14/2009): The background color can be changed individually for each quote (in the XML) and will change with a transition as a new quote is shown.
  • XML driven
  • Customizable dynamic reading speed
  • Easy to use
  • Randomly displays patience quotes by famous people
  • The emphasis is on the entertainment, not the percentage
  • Animated text change, filter against repeated quotes
  • Well commented script, detailed documentation, full english and hungarian support

A similar item which is not a preloader can be found here:

3. Can be useful for

  • Keep the visitors on your site while the page loads
  • You want a unique look
  • You want to entertain the visitors from the very beginning

4. Customization capabilities

  • The quotes and authors can easily be changed in the XML
  • Reading speed – and turn off random changing (only display 1 quote)
  • The maximum percentage, above which no new quotes will be displayed

The rest of the description can be found in the documentation!

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