1. Embed into your HTML page, simply copy and paste the code in the provided preview HTML file.
  2. All in one clip, drag and drop into your flash project.
  3. Load dynamically, the code will not interfere with your swf holder.
  4. XML file is UTF-8 Encoded to allow for special characters

    XML – Main Settings

    - All text imported from xml.

    - Add your paypal ID/email address in the xml file.

    - Change paypal currency code and currency sign displayed in the shop.

    - The main color (currently blue) can be changed in the xml file.

    XML – Individual Settings

    - Item name.

    - Paths to images

    - Main description

    - Price & Handling – If you don’t want any handling, just leave the field empty and handling won’t show, as shown in some of the preview items.

Enjoy and please rate the file!

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