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Paypal Shop

Paypal Shop

  • Usage

  1. Embed into your HTML page, simply copy and paste the code in the provided preview HTML file.
  2. All in one clip, drag and drop into your flash project.
  3. Load dynamically, the code will not interfere with your swf holder.
  4. XML file is UTF-8 Encoded to allow for special characters
  • XML Driven

  1. You can change the following main settings in the xml file:

    - Paypal email address

    - Currency code

    - Currency sign to be displayed in the shop (e.g. $, £, € etc… )

    - All text labels for buttons and text fields such as “ADD TO CART”, “VIEW CART”, “Price:” etc…

  2. Add as many categories as you want, all in 1 xml file.
  3. Add as many items in each category as you want. You can change the following parameters for each item:

    - Item name

    - Thumbnail and main image for each item

    - Description for each item. This can be HTML formated and be as short or as long as you want, the scroll bar will appear/disappear accordingly.

    - Item price

    - Item handling

    - Unique item ID

  • Paypal cart

  1. Advanced paypal cart where you can review your shopping, and reduce/increase/delete quantities for each item.
  2. Empty cart button to remove all
  3. All text labels imported from xml such as “CLOSE CART”, “EMPTY CART” “ITEM”, “ID” etc…
  4. Check out button will send detailed list of items to paypal

Instant Payment Notification

You can easily set up an Instant Payment Notification system within your paypal account which will allow you to do the following:
  1. Customize your website’s response to customer purchases in real-time
  2. Track customers via IPN “pass through” variables
  3. Deliver access keys for software downloads and other digital goods
  4. Automate your fulfillment operations
  5. Track affiliate sales and commissions
  6. Store transaction information in your own database

Please visit the following URL for more details:

Paying with Credit Card

You can also easily allow your customers to pay using a credit card, even if they don’t have a paypal account. Please visit the following URL for more information about how to set this up in your paypal account:

Enjoy and please rate the file!

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